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Taipan,  the multi-member deathrash collaboration formed in 2015 has been on a role, and just returned from Mexico to announce their upcoming second album, “The Nine Battlegrounds.”  The new music is black deathrash.  Taipan’s  unique skill set and top-level guests has resulted in an ability to mix all three genres of metal, delivering an aggressive, groovy style that mixes old school thrash and modern death metal. The upcoming album incorporates elements of black metal, including frantic riffs and haunting vocals.  Like the ancient book “The Art of War”, in which the album name derived, the band is able combine years of experience to create art outside the box.

Michael Black, co-founder of Taipan, writes “We have had a tremendous year so far. Our last show in Madero, Mexico was to a crowd of about 8000 at Miramar Summer Festival. It was moving as a performer to see so many people enjoy metal for the first time.  It was inspiring and leads the band to want more.  We are heading to the studio to produce our second album, “TNB.” We hope fans will appreciate new sound on the album and enjoy live performance with our many guest musicians.”

“The Nine Battlegrounds”, like their previous project, “Straight From The Underground”,  will add more guest performers to their already strong lineup.  Powerhouse Mike Heller (FEAR FACTORY) will be recording five songs for TAIPAN, along with guitar legends Mike Albert, Chris Poland, newest TAIPAN member Mike Guerrero (HIRAX) and many more, including Jessie Sanchez from WARBRINGER recording bass on one song. Heller will be writing the five songs in collaboration with Ed Mowery (Nocturnus, Tiwanaku) who is assisting in both the writing and production process, and will also be recording bass on the album.

Mike Heller (Fear Factory) will record drums for half of Taipan’s upcoming album, “The Nine Battlegrounds”

Arhue Luster (Machinehead, Ill Nino) has also written four of the new TAIPAN songs, with former STATIC X bassist Tony Campos recording bass.  As the resident lead guitarist in TAIPAN, Johnny Saldana (Ninth Plague) will also be recording some leads along with resident rhythm guitarist Drew Petropulos.  Other guest performers to be announced.




Above: Mike Guerrero (Hirax)           Below: Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino)


Above: Mike Abert (Megadeth)          Below: Mike Black (co-founder)

Taipan has had a busy schedule since the band formed in 2015.  Under the leadership of frontman, Michael Black (Formerly of Black Oil), the band has toured extensively in the United States, Mexico and Caribbean. On October 2015, they released the album “Straight From The Underground, ” which had all positive reviews.  Their videos have been nominated for animation awards in the U.S. and India, and the band has received press and radio play from around the world.

In anticipation of the new album, “The Nine Battlegrounds,” Taipan will  release the single for “A Perfect Pestilence” on October 31, 2017, two years to the day their first album was released.  Fans can expect the full album for “The Nine Battlegrounds” to be release in January 2018.

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