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  Taipan,  the multi-member deathrash collaboration formed in 2015 has been on a role, and just returned from Mexico to announce their upcoming second album, “The Nine Battlegrounds.”  The new music is black deathrash.  Taipan’s  unique skill set and top-level guests has resulted in an ability to mix all three[…]

Zhorell Hellander, owner of ZI, has been in bands since he was 15. From rock to metal, Zhorell has a face well known across Mexico and especially in his hometown of Saltillo. For the past year, Zhorell has been managing the alternative metal group SENSOR from Tampico and will[…]

Iconic guitarist Mike Albert (Megadeth, Mike Albert Project) has joined the ranks of celebrity guests playing with International thrash band TAIPAN, along with Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, Machinehead), Mike Guerrero (former Hirax, Deathriders), Ed Mowery (Nocturnus, Tiwanaku), Tony Campos (Static X, Soulfly, Fear Factory) and more to be announced as[…]

Mike Guerrero, a legend in the metal scene, has played with Gods like Ronnie James Dio and thrash masters like Hirax, and is now stepping in as guest leads for International thrash band TAIPAN. Michael Black, co-founder of TAIPAN is known for bringing many different celebrity guests into the band,[…]

 Killing Tyranny flooded the Whisky agogo with dirty water metal last Thursday, March 2nd at the Dead Sea Records Showcase with Crazytown, and have now been asked back to the infamous venue by DSR to play with Phil Anselmo’s band, Superjoint, along with Battlecross, Child Bite and Darksun on April[…]

  Mientras algunas bandas de diferentes partes del mundo se preparan para el FOCO FEST 2017 (Abril 1-2), otras de las bandas están lidiando con problemas legales para viajar a México debido a las nuevas regulaciones migratorias entre Estados Unidos y México dificultándoles la renovación de sus pasaportes. De hecho, cuatro bandas[…]

  As bands from around the world prepare to travel to Mexico for FOCO FEST 2017 (April 1-2), a few of the bands are running into legal challenges with new immigration regulations between US/Mexico and more difficult passport screenings. In fact, four bands set to play April 1st in Saltillo and[…]

Dead Sea Records has once again expanded into another state by opening an office in New Mexico, spearheaded by Bong Man, one of New Mexico’s most well-known radio personalities and local booking agent/promoters. Now he adds DSR New Mexico head rep to his resume as Bong Man and his associates[…]

   Dead Sea Records California is where it all began nine years ago as an Indie label based out of Hemet, Ca. In 2011 Dead Sea Records moved it’s operations to Anaheim, Ca. and began booking at Tropics Lounge in Fullerton, Ca., Whisky Agogo in Hollywood and quickly expanded to[…]

Dead Sea Records has expanded into many regions including the all-new Dead Sea Records Mexico. As President of DSR Mexico, Fermin Del Callejo’s first order of business is to bring some kick-ass bands to Mexico for a few DSR sponsored events. DSR California have teamed up with DSR Mexico and[…]