Dead Sea Records Caribbean


Dead Sea Records is expanding on an international level. Jerry Orie, bassist for International thrash band Taipan, owner of Unkies Events & Booking and organizer of Unkies Open Air & Wacken Metal Battle Caribbean will join forces with DSR to start Dead Sea Caribbean.  Dead Sea Caribbean will work to assist bands from the Caribbean Islands and the surrounding regions.



DSR Caribbean will offer bands access to the same sponsors as DSR US and as many benefits as an independent label can supply, including recording, merchandise production and event production. DSR Caribbean is spearheaded by Jerry Orie, a pioneer of the Caribbean metal scene. Dead Sea Caribbean is in good hands.

Jerry Orie ith Ahrue Luster, Michael Black, Drew Petropoulos, Jerry Orie, Wes Sanders and Zak Kupcha.

Ahrue Luster, Michael Black, Drew Petropoulos, Jerry Orie, Wes Sanders and Zak Kupcha.

In a 2016 interview with Echoing Zine, Jerry Orie, speaks to his inspiration and history:

“Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in The Caribbean it was a true struggle to make it as a metal musician. There were only a handful of metalheads, barely any bands or shows and if you listened to metal music you were either considered to be a Satanist or a junkie. After having fronted quite a few bands in the 90’s in Suriname and having grown tired of all the stereotypical nonsense which at that time had reached a political level, I decided to try my luck in Europe.That’s where I ended up in top Dutch acts Cypher and Disquiet. Due to circumstances beyond my control I ended up back in Suriname in 2008 where the scene still basically was the way I had left it behind. So I decided to start my own pub (Unker Bunker) and to organize live shows on our parking lot trying to give the local scene a boost. In 2009 I started Unkie’s Open Air, which in 6 years grew out to be the most popular Open Air Rock festival of the Caribbean with headlining bands coming in from all over. While still also being an active musician on call and travelling back and forth to Europe, my network kept on growing. Now in 2016 we’re the organizers of the Wacken Metal Battle Caribbean. For the past 15 year I have annually been attending major European festivals either as an artist or as a visitor for which I credit my formula for throwing international level open air shows and festivals.”