Dead Sea Records

What is an indie record label? Originally, the definition of an independent (indie) label was “a record label that operates without the funding of outside major record labels. Many commercial bands and musical acts begin their careers on independent labels.” –Wikipedia
DEADSEA RECORDS has become an indie label unlike the traditional garage- sized operation associated with independent labels. DSR has become a network, spreading across the United States state-by-state and crossing International borders with the recent announcement of DSR Mexico. DSR attempts to reach into every corner of the music business to assist bands and educate them to understand that their band is a marketable product, not just self- satisfying art. Dead Sea Records consists of talented musicians, artists, booking agents, promoters, music video producers and nearly everything a band needs access to for success. Here’s WHAT WE DO:
1. Supply bands on the label with 15+ sponsors that give the bands and their members 60-70% off MSRP. These sponsors work closely with the label and their world-wide reps. To contact the DSR sponsor rep in your state, click on “DSR Network.”
2. Write/produce music videos. Dead Sea Records works with companies like Circulation Media to create high-quality music videos for bands on/off the label within the budget of a musician. For examples of DSR/CM videos, visit:
3. Booking Agents available through Dead Sea Records including professional companies like Darkside Entertainment, ADHD Ent., Youngblood Ent., Spiderweb Ent., Mentalize Ent., and a network of agents across the country for bands looking to make their tour schedules a little less strenuous.
4. One-stop shop for band merchandise DSR has built a strong reputation over the past nine years amongst large companies, including U-Print, Staples, banner and music equipment companies. Good relationships become good discounts. DSR is also directly related to TORCHr Custom Lighters, sponsoring bands and giving them the lowest possible prices on custom lighters and stickers. Visit TORCHr at:
5. DEAD SEA RECORDS is a support system unlike any indie label in history. DSR is more than a network, it is a NET WORK. All the people that work for DSR are part of the music industry and care about the bands and the music.
6. The current financial benefits for bands (even Iron Maiden) are limited and rarely enough to cover costs of travel, food, hotels and general life expenses. This is where DSR NETORK comes in- bands can contact ANY representative from any DSR division and expect to be treated with respect and open offers of assistance, whether it be equipment needs, a floor to sleep on or a dollar to borrow, the DSR Network is available to ALL bands on this planet, not just bands signed to DSR labels.
7. Distribution- Dead Sea Records supplies it’s bands with a DSR STORE, which allows them to set up digital sales of their albums AND physical sales of their merch. The label supplies the means for everything, including separate pages on the website for every band on the label, which bands have FULL ACCESS to and can update on a daily basis. These pages are perfect as EPK, promotion and booking shows for the bands. The label is also associated with companies worldwide that can print their materials, including shirts,stickers and cd’s in the country of choice. As the band tours, their merchandise is already waiting for them in Mexico, Brazil or Bangladesh. Money saved, money earned.
8. Mikipedia: Owner Michael Black has been working in the music industry for nearly twenty years and has experience in many industries outside of music, including business, literature, dance and art. Yes, dance. Along with an associates degree in computer networking and a published book with more than 5,000 copies sold online, he has enough experience to give advice. For a good read and some important like lessons, go to:
9. We are a family. We work together to succeed. Bands, booking agents, promoters, venues, labels, managers, friends and fans should be able to work together and create success for every scene, strong shows for every band and every fan to remember.