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New Mexico, September 13, 2017.

Signal 99 seems to have come out of nowhere, but in fact they’ve been around since 2006, active since 2007. With ten years under their belt and tragedy making the band even stronger (the loss of original bassist and singer’s brother, Henry Haven), Signal 99 have suddenly become an international band, traveling with a five- band package (Taipan, Killing Tyranny, Vachteria, Hellheart, Signal 99) to Mexico October 26-30, part of their recently announced worldwide tour dates.

With success on the horizon, Signal 99 have joined forces with Dead Sea Records and Son Of A Bitch Clothing in Mexico to officially become part of the Dead Sea Records family network. The band is known in New Mexico for their charity work to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. DSR is more than proud to be associated with Signal 99. They are also signed to Kandy Records, which gives them double the distribution power with two labels working together for the same band. Welcome aboard SIGNAL 99.

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