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Mike Guerrero, a legend in the metal scene, has played with Gods like Ronnie James Dio and thrash masters like Hirax, and is now stepping in as guest leads for International thrash band TAIPAN. Michael Black, co-founder of TAIPAN is known for bringing many different celebrity guests into the band, including Chris Poland (Megadeth/Ohm), Aaron Rossi (Ministry/Ankla), Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/Machinehead), Tony Campos (Soulfly/ Fear Factory) among others to be included on the new album, “The Nine Battlegrounds,” co-written and produced by Ahrue Luster (Motograter/Terror Universal).

Taipan will be playing with MOTOGRATER June 10 and competing at this year’s Battle for VANS WARPED TOUR with GWAR and CARNIFEX, the first metal Warped Tour in VANS punk festival history. Starting July 2017, Mike begins to play with TAIPAN live and will be included on the new album, coming winter 2017.

Taipan’s performances and videos can be found on :

Check out TAIPAN’s Metallica cover of “Creeping Death” at: