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Torchr Custom Lighters, owned and operated by Dead Sea Records, has just brought another band onboard, sponsoring the extreme instrumental metal band and supporting their music. Hailing from Chino, Ca. Delusional Fate are a 4-piece instrumental death metal band and are now exploring the world of vocalists as their bassist steps into the limelight and begins to sing for the band. DF has become the sixteenth band to join the Torchr Lighter family, which is still a young company within it’s first year of business. Torchr specialize in custom band lighters, banners, business cards and stickers, all which are essential to a band’s career. Bands and Torchr go hand in hand and we welcome our newest recruits – DELUSIONAL FATE!


Newest members DELUSIONAL FATE

  • Raven Black
  • Razor Doves
  • Killing Tyranny
  • Taipan (feat. former Hirax & Megadeth members)
  • Stone Faced
  • Bangroc (feat. Roland Banks fr. Crazytown)
  • 3 Days In The Grave
  • Lost Horizons
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Hellheart (Sacramento, Ca)
  • Keychain (Canada)
  • Signal 99 (New Mexico)
  • Forming Stories
  • Machines On Blast (Florida)
  • Against It All

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