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In the past 10 years, Dead Sea Records has grown from an office in the back of a bar in Hemet, Ca. to a worldwide network of bands all working together to succeed and live their dreams as musicians. Two years ago, Dead Sea Records expanded to booking in The Caribbean, Texas and New Mexico with the help of reps from each area. Now, DSR has opened divisions in Pennsylvania with the help of local musician, John Bashaw (30 DAYS OF PAIN) as the main Penn. representative, as well as a new division in Arizona lead by local musician, Havoc Byrd (SAALYTHIC). The label has also decided to expand from Southern California to the Northern region, spearheaded by HELLHEART’s guitarist, Jess Gilmore. Each division will follow the same basic standards as DSR California:

  • help local bands and their scene grow as much as possible
  • teach members how to maintain their bands correctly
  • give bands access to sponsors, band merchandise at artist prices

Every division of Dead Sea Records has different bands, but they are all part of one big family. Having divisions all over the world allows bands to communicate easier, set up tours more successfully and learn how to work in the industry without getting taken advantage of. If bands all work together, anything can be accomplished.

Dead Sea Records Worldwide:

  • California
  • Mexico
  • Texas
  • Caribbean
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • Arizona



John Bashaw – Pennsyvania DSR Rep.            Havoc Byrd -Arizona Rep.

Jess Gilmore (lft) with President of DSR Mexico Fer Del Callejo (lft) in DF